Dave Allwine

 Creative Portfolio

BFA — Digital Arts
MFA — Comminucation Design
Pratt Institute

From in a non-linier, non subjective point of view, it’s more like a big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey... stuff. 




Recently updated cocomats.com.

Web Layout
Copy and Content

CocoMats.com uses custom pages with the help of Bigcommerce for e-commerce. The homepage slideshow hits the company’s top selling cars and showcases all the different products. The individual product pages explain the benefits of each product and the colors available. When choosing the colors, the customer is given a photo of the color in a car. The customer can also use the virtual swatch page to see the color directly in their car.

The Google AdWords campaign went to car-specific landing pages. AdWords was later dropped due to natural ranking through page hits.

CocoMats Print Advertising

Print Advertising

The adverts were designed to catch the audience’s eye with both a beautiful image and a unique floor mat only CocoMats produces. The copy explains the history of CocoMats in European Cars and how each mat is custom-made to order in the USA.

Fandom Trading Cards

HCD/ Product/ Illustration/ Thesis Capstone

A typology of sports fandom body language through trading cards. Trading cards promote action, showcase subjects in their pinnacle form, and show the commonality of the language in a sport-centered medium. I began with archiving fan images and forming a list of sixteen emotional body language — the highest being triumph, to the lowest being sorrow. The words were translated into everyday sports slang to continue with the sports theme. 

Stand Clap Cheer & Jeer

Book Layout/ Thesis

10pt body with 14pt leading · baseline grid of 1p2 · margin-top of 4p8 margin-bottom of 6p6 margin-left/right of 4p1 · grid of 8 row 4 column 1p2 gutter


Sports fandom is more than watching a game. It is about the connection between people—a tie between family, friends, and strangers who belong to the same community and tribe. Sports fandom is built on loyalty to a team, loyalty to a place, and loyalty to fellow fans. How are these bonds formed? What creates empathy between fans to the team, fans to place, and fans to fans? What creates freedom to emote? Observing and archiving fan behavior shows a break from unwritten social rules. The fan yells, chants, and heckles: “Come on, Ump! That Ball was so far outside it had a hat and coat on!” The fan chats with strangers or slaps their hands. This freedom of engagement builds connections and kinship. This bond follows the fan outside of the game and into everyday life.

Web Work                              

Wordpress/ HTML/ CSS

Web work done through the years.

Concept Identity   

Conceptual/ Identity/ Branding

Wego is a sports event ticketing company that pairs you with other fans going to the event. When you get to the event, you meet someone new and unite with the sporting community. The name is two words coming into one, reflecting the bonding and connection through activity. The double stroke logotype symbolizes unity and bonding while echoing the Mexico 1970 world cup advertising. The italic serif emphasizes movement while splitting the words creates a separate but balanced structure. 

Grad Work

Work done studying at Pratt Institute

Play and Design

D-108+ is a box with 108 LEDs controlled by 108 toggles that lets the user parody a computer GPU. Like a Light-Brite, D-108+ lets the user play with the light board using binary flips to control the visual. While our computers can do this almost automatically, this slows the function down and showcases the marvel of the function.

Bitlight is an RGB flashlight that’s configured to a 2-factor binary system. Located on the right side of the flashlight are (8) 1’s and (8) 0’s (seen on each toggle). Each flip will produce a different light function. The concept was to introduce the idea of binary code through play and color.

Motion Graphics