Dave Allwine

 Creative Portfolio

BFA — Digital Arts
MFA — Comminucation Design
Pratt Institute

From in a non-linier, non subjective point of view, it’s more like a big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey... stuff. 



Stand Clap Cheer & Jeer

Book Layout/ Thesis

10pt body with 14pt leading · baseline grid of 1p2 · margin-top of 4p8 margin-bottom of 6p6 margin-left/right of 4p1 · grid of 8 row 4 column 1p2 gutter


Sports fandom is more than watching a game. It is about the connection between people—a tie between family, friends, and strangers who belong to the same community and tribe. Sports fandom is built on loyalty to a team, loyalty to a place, and loyalty to fellow fans. How are these bonds formed? What creates empathy between fans to the team, fans to place, and fans to fans? What creates freedom to emote? Observing and archiving fan behavior shows a break from unwritten social rules. The fan yells, chants, and heckles: “Come on, Ump! That Ball was so far outside it had a hat and coat on!” The fan chats with strangers or slaps their hands. This freedom of engagement builds connections and kinship. This bond follows the fan outside of the game and into everyday life.